Our Approach

Our Approach

At Orange Punch we have created and evolved a process that delivers quality and results without stifling fun and inspiration. Our methodology combines the best elements of Agile and Waterfall techniques so we can be flexible whilst maintaining a plan of the whole project that we regularly revise and act upon based on new information.

The Process

We research, we test and get input from stakeholders so that each phase is as strong as it can be before we move onto the next.

We meet regularly with our clients to collaborate, get feedback and discuss progress. Project requirements and genuine boundaries and constraints are defined early so we can define milestones and launch dates accurately based on how the project is taking shape.

We have evolved and innovated our process and introduced the Content Sprint, which is a collaborative, fun and focussed method of delivering a complete set of content assets at a highly effective phase of the project.

The Orange Punch Process