Product Types In Magento Explained

The first time you want to enter a product in a Magento shop you are presented with an array of options. We explain the use-cases of each.

The Bread & Butter Product Types

For most goods sold in online shops, the Simple and Configurable types will be used for the bulk of products in the catalogue.

Simple Product

A Simple Product in Magento can either be a standalone product that customers can add straight to basket with no selectable options, or it can also be a 'child product' of a Configurable Product.

Configurable Product

A ‘parent’ product with options selectable by the customer, such as size or colour.


Let's say we want to sell a cuddly toy. 

That cuddly toy may come in different colours and sizes. In this case, each size and colour option would be a simple product in Magento and we can think of the web page that we can choose the options from as the configurable product.

On the other hand, if we only had one cuddly toy that didn't have different options - that could just be displayed as a simple product.

Other Product Types

Grouped & Bundled Products collect other products together, whilst Virtual and Downloadable products are for non-physical sales.

Grouped Product

This is apparently a collection of products from which the customer can choose some or all to add to basket, but cannot choose options - however, we have never had a good use-case for a Grouped Product.

Bundle Product

A ‘build your own’ style grouping of products, for example a computer with options and accessories.

Virtual Product

Used for intangible services such as subscriptions and warranties.

Downloadable Product

A product delivered by a downloadable file, for example a music track.