Case Study: Pacific 2018

Charlie Martell is a Former Royal Engineer who in 2018 will attempt a Guinness World Record feat – to be the first person in history, to row solo and unsupported across the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan to the USA, land to land.

The Big Challenge

Having developed the website in 2016, we were delighted to be asked to create a new website for a Team Hesco challenge, Pacific 2018, which will see former Royal Engineer Charlie Martell attempt to become the first person to row land-to-land across the Pacific.

Having discussed some ideas and concepts with Charlie that he really liked, we were thrilled for the opportunity to work on the project.

Once requirements were established and thinking forward beyond the challenge, we decided to create a second website for Charlie to incorporate existing material from previous challenges as well as future challenges. We bore this in mind when creating Sitemaps and Wireframes to structure the content across the two websites to make all the content available without diluting the impact of the information on the Pacific 2018 site.

Blossom & The Journey

With only a couple of months for research, design and development, we decided on a three phase approach, with the majority of important features available at launch, then refinement over the Autumn of 2017 and then a third phase to be completed in Spring 2018 to deploy tools for the live challenge.

Having watched Charlie’s incredibly emotive video from the 2012 challenge, we wanted to create an experience that would convey the scale of the challenge, describe the resources on board Charlie’s boat Blossom – and be able to tell the story live whilst Charlie is rowing the Pacific.

Breathtaking Visuals

Long-time collaborator with Charlie, Richard Sudbury, had created branding assets, graphics and a set of infographics, which brilliantly convey the sheer scale of the challenge and the resources aboard Blossom. We used the infographics as inspiration for the two custom-built experiences on the site: ‘Blossom’ and ‘The Journey’. For coverage across all popular devices and browsers, we created these experiences in HTML5, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.

Based on Richard’s brand, we developed a theme for Pacific 2018. It doesn’t get much more widescreen than the Pacific Ocean, the website needed to be very visual, showcasing the breathtaking photography and leading the visitor through the story as well as providing information about the sponsors and causes benefiting from Charlie’s fundraising activities.

Following The Adventure Live

With the first phase of the development complete, we handed over the keys for Charlie to be able to easily amend content and blog about his preparations. To maximise efficiency and save time and money, we then cloned the Pacific 2018 website, created new navigation and recoloured the theme before migrating all the existing material for the second website to feature on

Nearer the challenge in Spring 2018, we will be adding interactive elements to Pacific 2018, which will integrate with Charlie’s on board Yellowbrick system to ping Charlie’s location regularly to a map in real time.