Experience Optimal


At Orange Punch we use our expertise to deliver outstanding creative and technical work and strive to make a difference by driving innovation, sharing knowledge and promoting ethical business practices.

Our mission is to create optimal experiences through imaginative and effective solutions, have some fun along the way and make a significant contribution to the wellbeing of the planet and others.

Our Services

Web & E-Commerce

We specialise in Drupal, Magento and custom PHP web applications. We work with them day in, day out, which means we have a deep understanding of the technology that enables us to create almost any kind of web experience you can imagine for your project. We only start to assemble the final solution once the research, planning, design and prototyping phases are completed, so you can see at every step exactly how things are taking shape.

Loads of stuff comes as standard with any Orange Punch design and build - like:

  • future-proofed standards compliant design and code
  • SEO best practices and analytics integration
  • attractive and intuitive content management custom configured for your project and team
  • mobile and tablet experiences that go beyond Responsive Design to create superb experiences for visitors on any modern device or browser.

Brand & Design

Great visual design is all about communication. What does your brand say about you? How best to create the experience, feelings and emotions that connect your audience to your products or services?

At Orange Punch, answering these questions with inspiring creative design is at the heart of our work. By designing beautiful and consistent assets across brand, product, digital and print - your campaigns pack more punch, increase brand trust and loyalty and, with all else roughly equal, help new audiences to make the decision to choose you over your competitiors.  

Our approach to design works best for innovative and quality products, services and ideas. 

Strategy, Insights & Content

We draw on our experience across disciplines to make assumptions and marry them with your market knowledge and then measure, research, test and understand the signals your audience are communciating through their interactions.

We take a strategic and collaborative approach to work with you across your marketing channels throughout your campaign to deliver goal-driven outcomes.

Our Approach

At Orange Punch we have created and evolved a process that delivers quality and results without stifling fun and inspiration. Our methodology combines the best elements of Agile and Waterfall techniques so we can be flexible whilst maintaining a plan of the whole project that we regularly revise and act upon based on new information.

We make assumptions, we research and we test regularly so that each phase is as strong as it can be before we move onto the next.

We meet regularly with our clients to collaborate, get feedback and discuss progress. Project requirements and genuine boundaries and constraints are defined early so we can define milestones and launch dates accurately based on how the project is taking shape.

We have evolved and innovated our process and introduced the Content Sprint, which is a collaborative, fun and focussed method of delivering a complete set of content assets at a highly effective phase of the project.

The Orange Punch Process

Our Vision

Our vision is to be part of a landscape in which business is geared toward social and environmental as well as economic benefit and excellent technological and creative resources are available to all.

To turn this vision into a reality we aim to inspire by acting with integrity and transparency, setting realistic and deliverable project goals and targets as well as considering of the environmental and social impacts of both our operation and the products and services we work to promote. We are proud to pay everyone that works for us at least the living wage as set by the Living Wage Foundation, to treat everybody equally and with respect and to provide a safe and fun working environment for our team and our clients.

Orange Punch is committed to contributing and being at the forefront of advances in Open Source technology and our clients benefit from the knowledge, ideas and technical knowhow of thousands of developers around the world in the Open Source community, which helps make our technical products more affordable, secure and advanced.

What can we create for you?